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Accessible architecture in Expo times

Seminar at Politecnico di Milano, E.N. Rogers Conference Room, May 2015 - Monday 25th  hours: 15.00 -17.30

During Expo 2015, the UIA-International Union of Architects – Architecture for All WG,, with representatives from several countries, will hold an international seminar to share good practices and to contribute, also urging academics, to the development of sustainable environments and architecture, that are accessible and enjoyable for all, with particular reference to different ages, abilities, needs, cultural backgrounds. Introduction: Carlotta Fontana, Andreas Kipar, Isabella Tiziana Steffan.We are waiting for you!

Eu-Design 2015. An award to Ergonomics in products, digital artifacts and services

Eu-Design is an award given to products, services and digital artifacts, presented by designers or manufacturers, which denote a particular attention towards the issues of ergonomics, usability, user experience and innovation, i.e. an attention that allows the creation of “human scale” artifacts. The official delivery time for applications and papers presentation is May 31st 2015.

The volumes Design for All-The project for Everyone are now available in English

“Anyone is a potential disable in relation to the surrounding environment if this latter is not compatible with his needs; ... ". This excerpt, taken from her BSc Dissertation in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in 1980, marks not only the way for  the professional and personal growth of Isabella Steffan, but also her commitment to help building a living environment that can be compatible to all. One result of this effort is precisely this publication, that summarises the key steps of the evolution of the "Design-for-All" (DfA) model, introduces the areas of research, takes stock on the state of the art in its different applications (city, territory, architecture, products, services, education) and, finally, states the potential significance of DfA. "The work consists of two volumes, includes 45 contributions from 60 international experts; it is aimed at students of architecture but, given the variety of topics and the qualification of the authors, it can also be a useful reference for researchers, practitioners and decision makers. "(Review oby Franco Ligonzo, Journal of Ergonomics)

      Isabella Tiziana Steffan, Architetto  |  Certified Professional Ergonomist (Eur-Erg)
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