Case Studies  

International Project “SegniSeed” ›

Consultancy on service design for the municipality of Segni (Rome), (2013)

Healthcare Centre in Milan ›

Consultancy for the extension works of IRCCS “S.Maria Nascente” in Milan (2007 - 2010).

Multi-service Centre in Legnano (MI) ›

Consultancy on accessibility of the restoration of an existing building for the new Rehabilitation Centre (2008-2009)

International architecture competition for the city of Milan ›

Regeneration of the Policlinico Hospital of Milan. Among the 10 projects that were selected (2007).

International planning competition for the city of Cremona ›

Regeneration of the train station of Cremona. The project got Third place (2007).


SOS System. Featured on ADI DESIGN INDEX 2007 ›

Study on the videosurveillance system of the city of Milan. Evaluation of the usability of the SOS calling points.


Usable square ›

An ergonomic approach for the evaluation of the usability and safety of urban pedestrian spaces: the new Gramsci square at Cinisello Balsamo-MI (2004).


Orientation within the city ›

Evaluation of some ongoing projects within the city of Milan and proposal for a practical test on mobility and orientation of people with visual impairments (2003).


Design for All ›

Experience of a philosophy and planning approach that has been developed thanks to the collaboration with sectorial associations, at national and international level (since 1994).


Road traffic and safer schools ›

A multidisciplinary group of experts tests the safety, quality and environmental usability of areas that are close to schools within the city of Milan. (2001 – 2003).


International creative workshops›

A multidisciplinary group with professionals from different countries plans together with young people with disabilities (1998-2000).


Usable urban furniture ›

The prototype of the “dragon bench” has been evaluated with ergonomic methods in order to test its possible commercialisation (2000).


Safer pathways ›

An ergonomic evaluation of the usability and safety of pedestrian routes: the pedestrian island Mercanti-Cordusio-Dante in the city of Milan (1999).


Usability and planning ›

The Plan for the Elimination of Architectural Barriers within public buildings and pedestraian pathways in the small city of Saronno (1994-1996).

      Isabella Tiziana Steffan, Architetto  |  Certified Professional Ergonomist (Eur-Erg)
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